Retention Series Tanks

Retention Series Tanks


Contact tank for water treatment
Hydropneumatic (with accessories)

WellMate Advantages

Corrosion-proof composite construction
From the high density polyethylene inner finer to the fiberglass-wound and epoxy resin-sealed outer shell, WM Series tanks contain no steel. So they can’t rust.

Little or no maintenance
Because they contain no steel, there is no paint to scratch or touch up.

Light weight
WellMate tanks are quicker, easier and less costly to install than steel tanks.

Higher Performance
When adapted for hydrogneumatic applications, the Universal Series provides 50% more drawdown than similar sized conventional tanks.

NSF and/or FDA listed materials

Factory-backed warranty
Wellmate backs its pressure tanks with a complete warranty, giving your customers the confidence and peace of mind that can turn them into buyers.