21220 Highway 36
Covington, LA 70433
Phone: 985-892-9355
Fax: 985-892-9128
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Water Filter, Water Pump, Water Tank, Water Softener, Well Repair in Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, Southeast Louisiana, and Southwest Mississippi.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Water Works Pump & Well, Incorporated.

Water Works is located at 21220 Highway 36, in Covington, Louisiana. We have been providing quality service to the St. Tammany Parish and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

At Water Works, we are licensed and insured professionals in the water industry. Water Works also specializes in water filter systems to provide our customers with quality drinking water. We offer state of the art water systems designed to meet our customer's needs. We look forward to working with you to provide quality drinking water.


 » Submersible
 » Jet
 » Centrifugal
 » Sump
 » Chlorine
 » Hand
 » Fountain
 » Retention
 » Fiberglass Bladder
 » Fiberglass Standard
 » Metal Standard
 » Metal Bladder
 » Aeration
 » Carbon
 » Water Softner
 » Neutralizer
 » Backwash
 » Tannin
 » Sand
 » Media
 » Cartridge
 » Reverse Osmosis
 » Cleaners
 » Septic Tank Air Compressor
 » Air Volume Control
 » Pressure Switch
 » PVC Glue/Cleaner
 » Air Release
 » Air Charger
 » Micronizer
 » Pressure Gauge
 » Well Seal
 » Water Faucet
 » Sterilene
 » PVC Fittings
 » Foot Valve
 » Flowell Seal
 » Cycle Stop Valves
 » Check Valve Assembly
 » Brass Ball Valves
 » Ball Valve